About Us


FullMarks is an open assessment bank with some tools to help educators generate tests and analyse results. The site is free, the content is under an open licence, the source code is available, and anyone is allowed to use it.


Mark Horner

During my Fellowship at the Shuttleworth Foundation, where I worked on Open and Collaborative Resources, specifically educational resources, many people (teachers, principals, curriculum advisors included) asked me about an assessment bank. In fact, so many people asked so often that I felt compelled to try to make one available. So I teamed up with Upfront Systems to bring you FullMarks.

Upfront Systems

Upfront Systems creates custom open source software by using Zope and Plone. We have been influential in the local adoption of Zope and Plone and was the first South African Zope solution provider.


We rely on educators to collaborate to populate it with a huge number of items covering all subjects, difficulties, contexts and styles but we try to help out where we can. Please keep putting questions into it and using it to support your educational activities and we'll keep doing our very best to, not only keep it up and running, but also try to make sure it keeps getting easier to use and more effective at support educators.

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