Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site really free?

Yes, we will not charge you for using this site. We raise money to cover the costs of hosting the website and the software development to improve it. You will have to cover the costs of your own internet access of course.

What do you mean by open?

The site content is, wherever possible, released under an open copyright licence, specifically the Creative Commons By-attribution licence which means that you are free to copy, adapt, distribute and remix resources, you just have to give attribution when you do so.

If you do everything on the site then you don't need to worry about the attribution aspect, we'll take care of it for you - just get on with using the site.

Why did you make a free, open assessment bank?

Many people asked us for a question bank, and we felt their was a great opportunity to:

  • make one that educators can use to store and categorise their own questions AND
  • check each others answers AND
  • have discussions about questions that will lead to new, better questions, AND 
  • give under-resourced educators access to many questions to choose from AND 
  • ensure there is a place that learners can go to see a huge number of questions that they can use to practice.

Aren't there better ones that we can pay for?

Sure, there are definitely more complicated, closed solutions you can buy that will have more questions in them from “approved” sources, for the moment. Those solutions do:

  • NOT get all educators involved involved in one place
  • NOT allow for educators from all over the country to discuss questions and give feedback and suggestions
  • NOT encourage content creation or peer-review
  • ARE more complicated to use
  • NOT help under-resourced schools who are desperate for resources

FullMarks will:

  • allow new content authors to create a reputation for good questions
  • rapidly overtake any closed solution
  • slowly develop more functionality but always focus on keeping the site simple and easy to use so it is easy for educators to figure it out themselves

What is the best way to get started?

Take a look at the How It Works presentation and then become a complete contributor by following these simple steps:

  1. Create an original question
  2. Rate a question
  3. Verify one question's answer
  4. Comment on a question

If that works for you then tell some friends about it, show them how to use it and upload a few more questions. That is all it will take for FullMarks to really help you.